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Member: sar
Ride: 1989 RX-7 GXL Coupe
Mods: KYB AGX Adjustable Springs
Tein S-Techs 1.3" drop
Megan Front Strut Bar
Crane Cams HI-6 (MSD)
BBS Vert Wheels 10.6lbs
Thickened driveshaft
BFGoodrich GForce Sports
Insulation weight reduction
NGK Spark Plug Wires
NGK+4 spark plugs
10* advanced timing
S-AFC (~10% leaner performance, ~20% leaner cruise)
Bosch O2 sensor (fed into S-AFC for Tuning)
Super Blue Clutch Fluid
Redline Synthetics in Rear Diff/Transmission
Custom Cold Air Box
High Flow Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

Kenwood CD/MP3 Player Head Unit (w/ Sirius) - 250+ songs per CD, 67 different colors.
Pioneer 4 way TS-A1681R 6.5 "rear speakers.
JVC 2 Way Door speakers 5.25"
12 gauge Soldered Speaker wiring
Removed front (under dash speakers) and stock amps.

Painted 13B Injection
Painted Brake Calipers
OvermanCustoms Shift Boot


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