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  United Bimmer is new in the community and getting the word out there is important at this stage.

United Bimmer Decals
David (95bmwpwer) is donating the first batch of decals for the forum.  (After which we'll use advertising money to try and keep them free.)  We're going to ship every member two free decals for your car window.  More details on this coming soon, probably in the next week or so.

We're always interested in sponsoring other websites.  Contact komodo via PM in the forums for more information.  Also read our sponsors page for some information on banner exchanges.

Link to Us
If you have a website (or cardomain page, online journal, another non-competitive forum, instant messenger profile, etc.), you can help us spread the word about United Bimmer!

Replace XXX with the image locations listed below.
BBCode (for forums):  [url=http://www.unitedbimmer.com][img]XXX[/img][/url]
Link for websites: <a href="http://www.unitedbimmer.com"><img src="XXX" border="0"></a>

Now choose the image you want to use and replace the XXX in the links above with the image location.


Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/88a.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/88b.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/88c.jpg


Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/120a.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/120b.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/120c.jpg


Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/468a.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/468b.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/468c.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/ubbnn.jpg

Location:  http://www.unitedbimmer.com/images/banners/ublight.jpg

Thanks for supporting United Bimmer!
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