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Welcome to the United Bimmer Knowledge Base.  Owning a BMW can become very expensive, and often times owners opt to do the labor on simple tasks themselves rather than paying top dollar rates to have a mechanic do it for them.  Sometimes finances aren't a factor at all, and the owner is just a pure enthusiast who enjoys spending Saturday afternoons working on his car.  Either way, here is a collection of only top-quality tech articles and DIYs (Do It Yourself) assembled by the members of the United Bimmer community.

The following are the items we have for the e36 body style 3-series BMW.  Check back often as we're constantly updating this page with new high-quality content.
    DIY: High Performance Ignition Coil Installation
    DIY: Spark Plug Replacement & Engine Compression Test
    DIY: Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Replacement
    DIY: ICV (Idle Control Valve) Cleaning
    DIY: Changing an Auto Shifter Arm/Knob
    DIY: Installing an Aftermarket Catback Exhaust (Stromung)
    DIY: Installing an M3 Bumper on a Non-M3 Car
    DIY: Installing HID Kit on ZKW Headlights
    DIY: Replacing Reverse Lights Switch
    DIY: Analog Climate Control Backlight Bulb Replacement
    DIY: Side Mirrors Replacement (or M3 Style Upgrade)
    DIY: Installing Chrome E46 Style Kidney Grilles
    DIY: Installing a Manual Rear Shade
    Article: E36 Common Faults / Pre-purchase Inspection
    DIY: Installing Velocity Splitters
    DIY: DDE Cold Start Fix (Hard Wiring Ballasts)
    DIY: Installing Silver Gauge Cluster Rings on E36
    DIY: Carpet Dying
    DIY: Changing Brake Pads
    DIY: Removing Wheel Locks - Without a Key

Last updated: March 16th, 2006
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