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7 Series (E23, E32, E38, E65, E66) General discussion and technical help for all year 7 series cars.

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Unread 12-23-2007, 07:38 PM   #1
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Your Ride: 92 735iL
92 735iL Power Seat Pwr mirrors & pwr Steering Wheel not working

Hi All,
I downloaded the elect schematics from the e38.org site (I think that was the URL, you know, the one that has a dead link to the elusive repair manual? anyone have what was once there on that link?)

I have the memory module option. The passenger side also has pwr seat.
None of those functions work. The passenger side pwr seat works great.
I am thinking the memory module is bad or the harness under the seat is screwed (I am leaning more towards the module though). Since this car was set for a short woman when I brought it the other day, I wanted to at least adjust the thing somehow to my size. The reason I am thinking memory module is that it seems all of the interaction initiating the motors of any of these devices (seat, mirror, steering wheel) are run through and therefore DEPEND ON the memory module being operational, even if you are hitting the switch manually. So, If you lose the mem function, you also lose all functionality of the switches (please tell me I am wrong on that one WW)

If anyone ever needs to adjust the seat when the module is bad, here is how I did it. If you have a shortcut please post.
Under the front of the driver seat, remove the black plastic cover (It pulls off)
This will expose the front of the module along with several 6 pin connectors and a 26 pin connector (26 pin is white, far passanger side of module. Won't need to bother with this one here).
All of the 6 pin connectors on the front are direct connects to the various motors in or under the seat. The Brown 6pin slides the entire seat front or back. This is the one you want if you wish to remove the seat so you can slide the seat forward to access the torxheads. For the rest, verify using an electric schematic or manual. No matter the connector,
pins 4 and 6 are always the 2 (at least on my car E32) that lead to the motor. They are the heavier gauge pins in each connector.
I ran a temp jumper from the positive term of the battery and another from a clean nut visible in the doorway for ground. You must remove the connector from the module before you apply power to these leads as the ICs in the module work on 5v and you are applying 12v from the battery. Aside from that, tapping into the wires while the connector is still in place doesnt work. I think that the circuit in the module offers less ohms than the motor so the vDC takes the path of least ohms. Pull the connector DOWN towards the ground, NOT out towards the front of the car. Take care doing this.
Contact the + jumper to 4 or 6, and the ground jumper to the other. If the seat part goes in the direction you don't want, simply reverse the jumpers.
Make sure your tools, YOUR FINGERS, OTHERS FINGERS and all of that stuff is CLEAR of the seat parts BEFORE giving the motor power.

I am going to remove the connector on the other side of the mem module to verify that it is getting 12v from fuse 42, 18, and the other one I can't think of right now. If so this will really set in stone my thought on the fault being the module.

What are your thoughts?
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