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Fix for infamous LBF problem

Hi all,

Several people have requested a write-up for this fix. Well, here it goes...

I originally intended to perform the CCM fix documented here, but found that the part number on my CCM was not the same as the one in the write-up. Therefore, I whipped out the Bentley electronic schematics and just figured out which wires went from the low beam fuses in the fuse box, through the CCM module, and out to the low beam headlight bulbs. Once I identified these four wires (two CCM inputs, two CCM outputs) I just cut them at the CCM connector, shorted them together with a molex connector, and instantly no more LBF. Unfortunately, this completely disabled the LBF feature for the low beams, so if I actually do have a low beam bulb burn out, the OBC will not tell me (it should be fairly obvious though).

Anyway, read on....

1) Remove the three screws securing the driver's side knee bolster. One on either side of the steering wheel and one down by your right shin pointing upward.

2) Loosen the bolster by pulling the center.

3) Further loosen the bolster by pulling back hard on the left side. See the clips that your are dealing with in the picture below.

4) Remove connectors for the foot light bulb, and the green thing (I think it's the warning buzzer for leaving the lights on, etc.)

5) Ok, now you can either push the bolster down and out of the way enough to work or try to figure out how to take it completely out (I couldn't figure out how to do this!).

6) Squat down low and look up under the dash near the left side for the CCM module. In front of it is a plastic nut that needs to be removed. It can be looseden either by hand or with a 10mm socket. I have big hands, so I used a socket with a 12" extension.

7) By reaching up and behind the wiring mess, attempt to pull the CCM toward you-- there is another plastic nut in the back that the module slip-fits in between. Once it's free to move to the right, you should be able to flip it over and pull it down (again, reaching up from the back). It should dangle by the connectors' wiring. In the picture below, the CCM is the black thing with the big white connector plugged into it. I had alrady done the LBF modification to my car, so you should not see any snipped wires (yet) as are shown in the picture.

8) Disconnect the big white connector by sliding the mechanism toward you. This is just to give the wires you will be working with some slack and to get the CCM module out of the way.

9) Ok, now you need to cut some wires. Look for the 4 wires that I have cut. They are all yellow with various stripes. The stripes are blue, green, grey, and red. Look at the picture below and make sure that these color wires are in the same locations as they are on my car. If so, proceed to snip them. You want to snip fairly close to the CCM module as to give you enough slack to work with, but not so close as to not be able to reconnect them should you desire to reverse the LBF fix in the future.

10) Once the wires are snipped, you want to connect the yellow/green to yellow/grey and the yellow/red to the yellow/blue all on the wiring side. See the picture of my molex connector to get the idea.

11) That's it, installation is reverse of removal (I've always wanted to write that). Please post here if you have any questions so my PM inbox doesn't overflow.

a special thanks to Mike for the great write up

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