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Unread 08-01-2007, 10:33 AM   #1
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Money Shift Information

CREDIT: clumpy

Okay fellas, since this seems to be a topic many people worry about, I'm wondering how many people here have actually moneyshifted (not close to it, but actually ended up with major engine damage).

If you have done this, please submit your experience below and I'll add it to the ongoing list below. Please add your experience in the following manner to make it easier for others to read:

1. Real name (screenname)
a. Make and model of car, mileage on car when happened - date moneyshifting occured.
b. Modifications, if any, before moneyshifting occured TO PREVENT MONEYSHIFTING (NOT exterior or other performance mods just those that help avoid moneyshifting). These are most likely TMEs or a SSK.
c. Brief description of why you think it happened and where it occured (What were you doing? Bad shifting technique, were you turning, racing, etc.)
d. Cost to repair/replace if done so (otherwise, state "not repaired")
e. Any tips you have to avoid this in the future

You can use this to paste and cut :

- a.
- b.
- c.
- d.
- e.

Thanks for all your help and I'm really sorry for your misfortune.

Oh, and for those interested in "how to shift properly", here are two links that I thought may be helpful:

How to shift properly
Driving a Manual Videos

- Curtis

__________________________________________________ _

Combined list as of January 19th, 2005, 10:30AM:

1. Brent (Brent_Hockey)
- a. 95 M3 done in the end of May 2002
- b. No Mods.
- c. coming on entrance ramp to highway, merging into traffic, 3rd to 2nd @ WOT. Straight away, not turning. Aside from breaking my Femur, it was one of the worst days in my life. Broke 4 valves and sent 2 thru the cylinder wall.
- d. $10,000+ total bill. 30,xxx miles on new motor. installed TME, SSK, brand new Intake from BMW, Cat, Clutch was refurbished. was without car for 2 months.
- e. I believe it was part driver error and mechanical error, but BMW will never acknowledge it. way too many people do this for this to be DRIVER ERROR. Shifting technique changed as well... When going from 3rd to 4th now, I always backhand it, pushing it into the 5oclock position. Still to this day, I am concerned about shifting under stress.. I think about it everytime i am WOT shifting into 4th gear.

2. Andres (Concentric190)
- a. 95 M3 - sept 03
- b. No modifications to prevent moneyshifting.
- c. Just got the car a few months ago, and didnt know they had this problem. Was on the highway at top of 3rd instead of 4th it slid into 2nd for a seccond.
- d. cost to repair/modify somewhere around 4000. Mods/parts replaced: 24lbs injectors, shrick cams, euro hfm, 3.5" Intake, new software, AA track pipe, fan delete kit, new valves, 96+ valve retainers, s50 valve springs, valve guides, chain tensioner.
- e. Same as what Brent said, when going from 3rd to 4th backhand it, pushing it into the 5 o'clock position.

3. Nick (KidCorrado)
- a. 1999 BMW M3, 50k miles, June '03
- b. Stock with H&R race springs.....TME's sitting in the trunk at the time
- c. On a straight stretch of highway, with my friend in his Corrado next to me. I was looking over at his car with my whole body turned and we both took off. Im guessing because my body was turned that is caused my arm to pull the shifter crooked. I was redlining 3rd and slammed right into 2nd, reacted very fast once i realized what i did but still too late.
- d. Cost...I was probably pretty lucky. I bent 7 intake and 9 exhaust valves...so I bought those valves only. I had the head removed at my house by me and my mechanic. Once removed I took the head to a local machine shop. Was charged $350 to reseat the valves. Overall after paying my mechanic, the machine shop, and all gaskets and valves it cost me about $1300....yea I was lucky.
- e. Tips....don't be stupid haha

4. Matt (umnitza)
- a. N/A
- b. No mods
- c. hit object while trying to avoid it. 6K in third went to 4th turned out to be second. Pegged 8160 on the RPM. limped home car would start
- d. Only 5 exhaust valves bent. Repolished head, gained hp. Cost $6800.
- e. Learn to shift properly and avoid shifting while changing lanes.

5. Not me but a friend (posted by sprammer325is)
- a.93 325is, 2002
- b.not sure, possibly a uuc ssk
- c.he was chasing a friend who was in a M3, at about 6.5K in 4th, got over excited and missed 5th, went into 3rd instead
- d.car still started, didnt sound to nice, several ehaust valves bent, cost roughly $2-3K, but replaced the entire valvetrain with that of an S50, valves, conical springs, cams, etc... also a AA chip programmed for a 7500rpm revlimiter.
- e. no matter how excited you get dont forget to think about your shifting, always puth away from you twards the glovebox when going into 5th with your palm on the left side of the shift knob.

6. Andy (andylv)
- a. 95 M3 73,000 miles occured 3/27/2004
- b. UUC TMEs
- c. Straight stretch of road. I took it to redline in third before shifting to 4th, hit 2nd instead. I wasn't shifting fast I was shifting into forth and planned on coasting to slow back down. Poor shifting technique caused this.
- d. Not repaired yet, so far I have pulled 5 out of 6 spark plugs out all have physical damage. Can't get the 6th plug out.... Sold my 1974 Porsche 914 to fund the repair will probably go with rebuilt 3.2L expecting total cost to be around $6,000.
- e. Follow the shifting techniques on http://www.uucmotorwerks.com/ under Tech Tips section.

7. Russ (95TigerM3)
- a. 95 M3, 10/95, 82k- 2/04.
- b. AA Stg III NA Kit (HFM,inj., TP, Exh. big bore TB). UUC SSK.
- c. 3rd to 2nd but looking for 4th. Bad shifting technique- PERIOD!
- d. $2.5k Needed all new exh. valves/ refinish head/valve guides etc... It still dynoed 227whp afterwards!
- e. Flick the wrist only when shifting rather than a hard grip and pull. I was trying to shift too hard to fast... IMO- I believe it driver error and not a mechanical probelm by BMW. I don't think TME's would have helped in my situation.

8. (Elusive303)
- a. 95 M3 done in 97 8K miles at the time
- b. No modifications to prevent moneyshifting
- c. @ end of 1/4 at Bandimere in CO, redlining in 3rd then pulled it into 2nd, it locked the rear wheels and I quickly press in the clutch and skidded thru the traps. Car was still drivable but sounded funny, burbbling sounds.
- d. $3000, bent some exhaust valves and other stuff
- e. Haven't been back to the 1320 since, Can't blame the track though it was all driver error, and no matter how fast you try to shift you're still not gonna catch that car that has more power. so don't be stupid.

9. Brad (bmattick)
- a. 98 M3 65k miles
- b. No modifications to prevent moneyshifting
- c. shifted 3-2 rather than 3-4 on freeway at redline/WOT. Would swear that tranny moved to make this possible.
- d. $5500. head rebuilt by memphis motoworks, service by phaedrus
- e. drive like a girl... I'm seriously worried about my next NASA track day.

10. Jeremy (JeremyS)
- a. '95 M3, 76k, 5/28/04
- b. New UUC EVOIII SSK, UUC Reds with TMEs, new motor mounts
- c. Wife driving car on Nashville Superspeedway. She shifted into 2nd instead of 4th after redlining 3rd on the front straight. In her defense, she's used to driving the miata with its rock solid shifter (solid mounted drivetrain), and she wasn't aware of the possibility of moneyshifting. I almost moneyshifted in the session prior to hers, but I felt it happening and didn't let the clutch out all the way. The Nashville Superspeedway doesn't have any real straights, so there's always some side load on the drivetrain. The SSK was brand new, so shifting required more force than usual, making the backhand shift ineffective.
- d. $4300 for replacement engine, and $1k+ in miscellaneous items (chip, clutch, etc). Replaced engine myself, saving on labor. Old engine is locked up due to the numerous broken valves and pistons. She did a good job!
- e. Don't let wife drive her daily driver M3 on the track, even if the usual race car is down for maintenance. Don't drive hard with a new, and still very stiff, SSK.

11. Magruder
- a. '95 M3 - 130K- ~5/22/04
- b. UUC TME + SSK
- c. driver error - street racing- grabbed 2nd instead of 4th
- d. not finished yet, appox. $1600 - but that includes custom valves,and porting too.
- e. Solutions: better technique and/or a RACING DYNAMICS gated shifter-
DOES anyone have experience with this product?
Seems like it would
EFFECTIVELY prevent the $$ shift.

12. Bruno ( bmw m3 s50)
- a. 1995 bmw m3 - 47k - don't know the date I didn't do it
- b. Stock
- c. The guy who had it before the over reved had it for 1500 miles then overrved it, I think it was done because of Bad shifting
- d. I had to replace head and 3 pistions, I just bought a 3.2 and did a obd 1 con. From what I heard 3.2 have stronger internals than 3.0 engine this helps in from any future over-reving. I bought my 3.2 for $2000 plus $1000 for labor so like $3000
- e. Buy the kit the bimmerworld sells, From what I heard it really helps.

12. Matt (m3ster)
- a. 1995 M3, ~30,000 miles, 4/7/02
- b. No Mods
- c. I had just bought the car from a guy in Arizona and drove it back to SLC. I got home and went to bed. I got up the next day and went over to my friends house to race his NSX. He got on it and I shifted from 2nd to 1st going ~60 mph. The car started running rough, so I took it home and pulled the spark plugs. Only the #6 plug had damage.
- d. ~$7,000 for a new engine and install from BMW. I needed a new engine because the engine had previously been overheated
- e. Be careful when shifting, get a ssk and TMEs.

13. Sebastian (Extrav.Dreams)
- a. 8/95 M3, 71,729 miles- 12/07/02
- b. No Modifications
- c. Doing a run against someone, jumped him to 85 and was slowing to wait. Casually shifting, using bad technique, went into second while looking into mirror.
- d. $3678.35; exhaust valves, retainters, blah blah, refinished head,..., LABOR. I had spent an extra $871 at the dealership first for them to run tests and take it apart, but then they quoted me 8 grand, yikes!
- e. Learn to shift using proper hand positions and pay attention to your own driving.

14. Ted (BlaBla)
- a. 1998 BMW M3 w/ 75k miles - happened about 4 days ago
- b. AA SSK with tranny mounts and enforcers
- c. At the track near the finish line had to shift into 4th but hit 2nd instead while redlining 3rd gear...car went crazy and i slammed it back in neutral. car was still running but very slow without much power and lots of vibration.
- d. Not repaired and have no idea how to pay for the damages so the car is worthless at the moment
- e. Tips: use the shifting techniques as mentioned above

15. (adsingl)
- a. 98 m3/4, 45k miles, 8/6/2004
- b. Pure stock
- c. Brief description: ooh boy, no excuses, no stories, did NOT miss a shift, just chose the wrong gear for the ground speed I was going, really, really wish I had some cool story or excuse, but got the gear I went for, just wasn't focused on what I was doing. No cops, no traffic, no racing, just a simple DAO problem (Dumb *ss Operator).
Unfortunately, oil pump nut also came off (see sticky proc on this, really well done), no pressure, didn't realize what I know now, drove ~2 miles to get off X-way, potentially worse mistake, but appears I've gotten lucky.
- d. Cost to repair: Not complete. But initial Blackstone oil report was very good, and bearings look fine, some normal shiny spots but nothing more, so head work (compression check confirms need-never had noise) likely ~$2k, but considering Turner spring kit for a bit of future insurance, could go to $3k doing half the work myself with new young, ASE certified guy helping (I'm 49, get a little tired laying on the floor in hot weather;-). I'll have it back together in a day or two and do one more Blackstone oil report when pressure has flushed the bearing surfaces to check for bearing metal. Anal, but I HAVE to know i can trust the bottom end.
- e. After reading the number of these happening, I'll do Turner TME's and SSK at minimum, but mostly, I'll just need to pay more attention.

16. Derek (BrodsterM3)
- a. 93 325i - Oct. 10th 2004
- b. B&M Short Shifter
- c. coming on entrance ramp to highway, merging into traffic, 3rd to 2nd @ WOT at about 5500rpm. Everything was fine until the next day when i was driving the car on the highway againg crusing in 5th gear at 4200rpm, and then there was a loud POP sound followed by the sound of "rocks in a blender" until the engine died. Bent one Intake Valve real badly, bent every exhaust valve, Broke one Intake
- d. Still in progress.... expected total $4500. '98 M3 Engine (61k miles) $3500; TMS 24lbs Injectors; TMS Custom Chip; everything else i need to do the OBD I conv. New M3 Clutch... UUC Double Shear Selector Rod.
- e. I believe it was part driver error and mechanical error, but BMW will never acknowledge it. way too many people do this for this to be DRIVER ERROR. Shifting technique changed as well... When going from 3rd to 4th now, I always backhand it, pushing it into the 5oclock position. Still to this day, I am concerned about shifting under stress.. I think about it everytime i am WOT shifting into 4th gear.

17. Richard (mazur)
- a. 1995 BMW M3, 83,000 miles - Date moneyshifting occured: Sept. 21, 2004
- b. Modifications: None
- c. Was racing the second time against a Mercedes. Top of 3rd right into 2nd. I blame it on technique. Instead of backhanding it, I grabed it thumb up, and thought I was pulling straight down, but oviously pulled towards me. Also I was jamming the gears instead of doing fluid motions.
- d. Going to cost $9000. Rebuilt engine($6000) + labor($3000)
- e. Smooth shifting using UUC's shifting technique. Back hand that bitch!

18. Wolverine8490
- a. 95 M3, 65,000, 8-22-04
- b. None
- c. I was racing a buddy of mine, and was shifting from 3rd to 4th, and hit 2nd instead at about 80 mph. I wasnt even shifting that fast, it just went down, and didnt even fight back. Next thing I know, boom.
- d. Everything cost me about $850.00. I found all the rebuild parts on pelicanparts.com. I replaced every valve in the head, intake and exhaust. Replaced all the upper and lower valve spring retainers, and all the valve keepers. I had the head rebuilt by a local shop, that only charged 175.00 to rebuild the head. All the gaskets were obviously replaced, and I did all the labor.
- e. I have actually been taking my cell phone (motorola V400), and placing it in my shifter boot when I am on the highway, it makes it so I can only go into 3rd, 4th, and 5th. At least for now, that seems to work pretty well, and once I get the feel for the tranny, I think I will be ok, but be careful, it was way to easy to get that into 2nd at that speed, I didnt even think twice.

19. Chaz (giterdone)
a. '97 M3, 68k miles, Date: 14 Jan 05
b. None (getting TMEs and SSK soon)
c. I was racing a mustang down an on ramp getting onto the interstate. Near the bottom of the on ramp I was near hte top of 3rd, I went to throw it into 4th while making the right turn/merge onto the interstate. It slipped into 2nd and when I started let off the clutch I felt the power in the peddle and subconciously didn't just let off the clutch quickly and eased off so the gearing could drag me down before I fully engaged the engine. So the needle was at 6k rpm when it was fully engaged. Then I threw in 3rd gear again and beat the mustang.
d. Not repaired....I didn't hurt anything.
e. Get TMEs and just pay more attention to shifting. Don't pull towards yourself when shifting. Pull straight down.

20. Nick (nickdrivesm3)
- a. 95 M3 106k 12/9/03
- b. no extra mods at that time.
- c. Best friend and two chicks we were trying to get with in the back. Going through a tunnel that sounds really good when you floor it, anyway went to third and held it to 6500rpm, tried a "new shift technique" (bad idea) and went to 2nd instead of 4th. Car jerked forward and chirrped the tires. As soon as I came to a stop it died. I was able to get it to the shop thank god.
- d. All new valves, head gasket, etc... total came to about 2500$ parts and labor. (labor was at $75Hr at the time)
- e. Dont be cocky and know which gear your in before you let the clutch out.

21. Aaron (SkunkApe)
- a. 95 M3, 56K, fall of 2004
- b. No Mods at the time
- c.Getting off the thruway, going about 65, going to down shift from 5th to 4th and oops 2nd comes outta nowhere
- d. cost of repair total about $8500....$600 at BMW dealership and about $7500 for the new engine

22. dave (fishforlife) (a friends misfortune)
- a. 1994 325(i believe) july 2005
- b. no mods
- c. the story goes something like this. the grip of the road is limited due to rain and he winding out 3rd gear as he passed his friend in a 325. well he like many that have posted before me found second...and sent him sideways at about 85mph. he hit a curb that started the rolling. from the pics you can guess which tire hit the curb. he rolled over 10 times says the friend he was passing. thank german engineers for creating a great car. he only sustained a cut on his head when he unbuttoned his seatbelt and fell from his seat to the roof and landed on glass. he then proceeded to exit via the back window.
- d. car totaled
- e. follow all advice offered in this thread...it's imperative to shift properly.
see post #126 for pictures!!!

23. 328iJunkie
- a. 4/98 328i (Jan 5th 06)
- b. no mods
- c. racing a volvo turbo, took a left turn at redline 3rd (~95mph) speed shifted and dropped the clutch car jerked forward and i slammed the clutch as i looked down to see the tach reading in the middle of the MPG gauge.... Coulda sworn tranny moved but im also a dumbass shifter
- d. 5k. going S52... for sure #5 cylinder is dead gonna pull the head and see the damage after the swap
- e. Dont suck at shifting when racing like me!

24. PJ (PJ325i)
- a. 93 325is 121K 6/2005
- b. Stock
- c. Getting on the I-26. Redline in 3rd, improper shift into 2nd. 8320 rpm registed according to the ECU. Limped home on 4 cylinders. Killed Cylinder 1 and 6 exhaust valves, light bend all other valves
- d. $2400 for parts and labor, $250 M3 Cams, $350 for Chip , $70 UUC TME, lesson on how to shift properly, PRICELESS.
- e. Learn how to shift properly and replace worn out parts.

25. Ian
a.1995 M3
b. Tri-flo-intake-pullies-3.5"hfm-AA software-
c. I was at the commerce raceway and I had just bought my car about 8 months ago. I missed 3rd gear (which was a first time missing 3rd ever on a speed shift) and i was pissed off...after riding out 3rd and turning out the window cussing my selft i grabbed my shifter with my finger tips and accidentaly slipped her in 2nd at 6900rpm in 3rd. I later found out that my all my gear synchro's were SCREWED from the previous owner and i didnt even know it as well as abunch of other stuff...it was my first manual so I didnt know it needed any of them...but regardless i hit the money shift.
d. 3000 3.2 liter obd1 converion with M50 manifold (got it from a friend) We also replaced all gear synchros which were fucked from before, clutch etc. I walked away around 4 grand.
e. always maintain your gearbox if you have slop, its only a few hundred dollars and it will save your from money shifting and never look out the window when your hands are sweaty, you are nervous and you arn't paying attention to your gear placement.

26. graat
- a. 1998 M3, 78k mi 8/31/05
- b. none
- c. Lady cut me off on freeway for second time and I downshifted to third to pass her, redlined and then hit 2nd instead of 4th as I'm changing lanes. Don't know RPM's I hit, but I burned rubber when 2nd engaged.
- d. BMF of SF: $324 "yup, your car is f***ed" compression test
Tow car home: $170
Rental for the week: $100
Buy 1993 Civic to drive while car get's fixed: $1,600
Labor to take things apart: $0 - DIY with a couple of forum friends
Diagnosis: All exhaust valves bent, lifters tapped
Parts: $1,600 (Evo3 SSK+DSSR , new tranny mounts and TME's, valves, lifters, springs, primary tensioner, did some basic maintenance while I was in there: radiator, water pump, t-stat housing, belts and all hoses)
Labor to put things back: $2,200 (includes new front brakes, SSK and TME install)
- e. User error of course, but I've never misshifted another car - I put some blame on the gearbox (besides the worn shift linkage and transmission mounts). To avoid: replace worn parts, shift properly, and perform monthly animal sacrifice to moneyshift gods.

Upside is that engine pulls like a rocketship and I get 1.4mi more per gallon. At current gas prices I only have 40,000mi until this has paid for itself!

27. callahanw
- a. '98 m3, 130k
- b. none
- c. Doing a highway pull, quickshifted from 3rd to 4th, caught 2nd instead.
- d. Needed twelve new exhaust valves, some marring on piston tops, one new lifter. Repaired by myself with the help of friends, $1k (valves, lifter, gaskets, chain rail, tow bill, machine shop cost for head work)
- e. Avoid quick shifting, practice good shift habits. This tranny is obviously prone to misshifts, but it doesn't happen by itself.

28. DTM325PWR
- a. 93 325is 173k
- b. stock
- c. on the freeway in forth at 50mph or so in the slow lane....as im moving to the left lane(fast lane) i tried to put into 3rd but ended up in 1st!!!! rpm's shot up but took the clutch out pretty quick. ened up having a little bit of power for about 15sec then it just went to sleep. oil lights on and everything!
- d. dont know yet...maybe just replace it..dont even look into it.
- e. get an SSK

29. Juwanski
- a. 97 M3 97k
- b. none
- c. was going 110k in 5th wanted too pass someone so dropped it into 4th...actualy it was 2nd.. got a worn clutch so that saved me because the car seemed fine for the couple KM i drove it until i hit a off-ramp, then i realized i had no power stearing and my battery light was flashing...open the hood and none of my pulleys are running,the car sounds the same other then a wierd grinding noise with no consistant pattern.
- d. don't know yet
- e. new tranny mounts and driving lessons.....
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I will 'stick' with the automatic thanks, no pun intended
That's a lot of money, 3x what I paid for my car.
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