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Question Wheel Questions

All right, I have a few questions on wheels. Keep in mind, these questions apply not just to BMWs, but to all car makes in general. Some of these questions may seem trivial, but I need to be sure on some things.

- Are the offset on rims the same for the front and rear of cars? For example, are there any cars that can support up to X offset on the back, but only up to Y offset on the front, or are they all the same fronts and rears?

- Bolt patterns remain constant for each car, correct? That's dictated by the car itself, and the rim must match that. For example, if you drive a certain car, every wheel you mount on that car must match that bolt pattern, right?

- How do spacers work (as detailed as possible)?

- What's the technical defination of the "ratio" of a tire?

I'll probably have more later, but that's a start. haha

Thanks guys!

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