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Originally Posted by jybute
I cant think of anything the US offers canada, accept military protection. That being said if Canada had a military, we would be very similar to the US, if we aren't already. There are good things about both countries, so for anyone on either side of the border to say anything detrimental about the other country is just plain ignorant. Im proud to be canadian. But there aren't a lot of countries I would want as my next door neibour more than the US. I have lived in the US, and the only obvious difference to me is, slak gun laws and lousy healthcare. But I would deffinetly be willing to pay half of what I pay in tax and wave my healthcare rights. With the money I saved I could afford decent health insurance. And with the money I have left over from that I could by my family kevlar vests.
well, i think there are lots of things the us provides for canada other than military protection. we send 85% of our exports south. other than our resource goods there would not be many other markets for our manufactured good. anybody (china and india) will buy our oil (alberta alone has the worlds second largest oil deposits - 175 billion barrels vs saudis 230 billion barrels) and natural resources. we are after all the united states largest trading partner and vice versa. and besides we get lots of great cultural stuff (well, excluding reality tv, american idol, and celebrity culture bullshit) like some american tv and movies. just think how bad tv would be here if all we could watch is that made in canada crap the thing that i find most funny is the us's stance on free trade. they only want it when if suits them best. the softwood lumber issue and bse is so retarded and has cost billions of dollars to british columbia and alberta's economies. if we decided to be like this we could restrict our energy exports and make you american bastards freeze in the dark!
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