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Episode 1 (continued)

Well, I called that bitch up today. Here is the whole story aside from the shit above:

When I filled out that initial application, I failed (according to them) to sign that last page stating that I had no dependents that I was deliquent on, aside from the rest of the document being filled out in its entirety. So they sent that one page back asking for my resubmittal. And according to them, when that form was resubmitted, after signing, I didn't check off 2 boxes. Here is what I submitted the second time:

Now tell me. How fucking stupid do you have to be?

So that's why I didn't get my confirmation package. I was never notified of this, they just brushed it off.

The bitch on the phone told me that she would "plead" my case to the officals. I asked her if she would honestly represnt my feelings as it is my graduation we're talking about. I wasn't yelling, I was making a point. She said that she doesn't want to argue with me, and hung up (even though I wasn't argueing)

She called back about 15 minutes later and told me that they said NO. That they are filled for the positions for the exam. So, again, due to thier stupidty, I'm fucked for May.

She did tell me that this application will apply to the October exam and that I should be recieving a confirmation letter in the mail in a week or so.

Fucking People

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