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Originally Posted by Storamin
is it true that canadas chief export is jealousy of america?
most canadians could give a shit less about america. i personally have nothing against the good ol' us of a, but many canadians want nothing to do with it other than a warm place to escape to in the winter. many canadians are turned off by the general ignorance of americans (even the educated ones, remember i have nothing against you guys), your political system, your health care, rampant consumerism (not that we are much better here), violence, self interest and general lack of respect for others (military actions, corporate domination and superior out look towards everybody else), shitty education system, disregard for the enviroment, ect. i tend to side with the us a lot of the time but these opinions of the us are very prevalent in canada. i know lots of very nice americans that this is the complete opposite of, but this is how many people see you guys. so are canadians jealous of the united states, certainly not
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