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Hmm, ok, well first the FE is needed for two reasons:

1. To complete my graduation requirment
2. To begin my Engineering Profession.

The FE consists of evreything I've learnd over the years covering 12 basic topics in Part 1:

Mathematics (Differential Equastions)
Mechanics of Materials
Fluid Mechanics
Material Science
Electrical Circuits
Computer Programing
Engineering Economics

Then Part 2 Covers my major or the above in greater detail (I get to choose)
If covering my major:
Soil Mechanics
Structural Analysis
Steel Design
Concrete Design
Enviromental Engineering

After you have successfully passed the Fundementals of Engineering Exam, you have to work for ~5 years in design work. Once you complete that, you can apply for your Professional Engineering License (yet another test, same, but more specific to your previous five years of work). Once you get that, your basically your own boss. The value of the certificate can mean the difference between getting paid $22/hr and charging almost any amount for a client.

Now the governing body that controls this exam is located in Tennesse. The NJ office handles all the paper work for this area. They have regulations on the amount of time allowed for the processing of these forms. I handed in the initial application (Click here to view, last page has the Child Support Section) before the due date back in Novermber, along with the $30 money order that was required.

I get a letter back from the State offce asking me to resubmit that last page (look at link above) which they sent me with that letter. I filled it out and sent it the following week or so. This was in February.

Now, the issue to this point is what happened after it left my hands and ended up in the mail. The other issue is why was it neccessary for me to fill it out a second time? That I cannot answer. All data relating to the exam for April was due by March 1st. Now, if I mailed it before that day, postmarked, they would've recieved it. It's not like it takes weeks for them to recieve letters, we're talking about 30 miles from my house. They claim that I am rejected. I'm assuming it's because of that letter. I've yet to speak with the personel in that office to settle this. As mentioned before, she was off today.

So.... since they claim I am not qualified, because of that letter, I will not be allowed to take the exam. That means that I cannot graduate. It also means that I have to wait just that much longer to begin my profession. The longer you wait to take the exam, the harder it'll be to take. Only because you have to try and remember what you did over the years.

Now if it is true that I am not qualified because of that letter, that would mean someone majorly fucked up at that office. As, not only did I sign and answered that questionier the first time, but also the second time. They haven't given me any other notification beyond that. I'll have to wait till tommorrow morning (Friday) to call them to find out what the fuck is going on.

I hope that's it as I don't know how else to explain this.....

It's not just as simple as signing a document, it's just a beaurocratic nonesence that state officials do to you to piss you off. They hire incompentend personel and this is the result.

I do plan on going to the office, however, I first want to talk to that bitch incharge of the fillig process.

Ok, maybe I over answered you question BMWLotAttendant, but I hope this answers all questions...

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