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Originally Posted by Numark318i
..ok. Im done
no its all in good fun. its just everyone lies to everyone. for good reasons, bad reasons or no reason. in all honesty the public is the public because they dont know whats going on. and thats a good thing.i dont think most people wouldnt understand the motivtives and complexity of some of the lies. and its easier and more common to assume the obvious result is the desired or goal result, and simply critizes everyone. same thing goes the the CIA, everyone bitches that the CIA cant do anything right, because they only hear about the blunders( or atleast supposed blunders) well when the CIA ( or special forces for that matter) does something right, no one knows who did it at all, or even if anything was done

"When you have done something right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"
You know your a drunkard if you...
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Originally Posted by RSF5
Well yeah, the BATFE is like the Anti Hoppy.
Well hey, hey Mr. Policeman
Bet I can drive faster than you can
Come on Hoss, let's have some fun
Go on shoot me with your radar gun
You look bored and I sure am
Catch me if you can.
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