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Arrow **Official Bimmerfest SoCal caravan meet times & points**

Okay everyone, here are the official meet points for the 2K6 Bimmerfest Socal (SD, OC, LA) caravan:

We begin in Chula Vista (San Diego's South Bay). We will meet at the Vons in Terra Nova Plaza off 805 & E. H Street. We will leave there at 4:30am sharp. Contact person is either OG Skooler or Slickav

The San Diego meet point will be at the Carlsbad Outlets. There is a Starbucks there, ample parking and a Chevron if people need gas. People should be there before 5:30am, we leave 5:30am for the OC. Contact person is OG Skooler or Slickav

The OC meet point will be at the Starbucks in the Huntington Beach Mall. Once again, there is a Starbucks and ample parking. People should meet there before 6:30am, as we will leave for the LA caravan meet point once the SD caravan arrives & gets some coffee. Contact person is either: Discombobulated or Second 2 None.

The LA meet point will be at Balboa Park in Encino. People should gather there before 7:30am, we will leave for Bimmerfest once the rest of the caravans arrive. Contact person is Brad D.

We should make Bimmerfest by the time the fairground's gates open at 9:00am.

*Important things to remember*

-Enjoy the drive, this is NOT a race!!
No need for it, we will have at least 200 BMW's (all models) going to Bimmerfest from Socal in the caravan. The freeways are only 4 lanes wide and there will be others on the road that Saturday can figure it out. We will get there in time, there's plenty of parking as it is the fairgrounds and not the dealer. Be cool, enjoy the drive with your fellow enthusiasts and let's all get to Bimmerfest safe & ticket less.

-Yes, CHP & local po-po know of this caravan, some are members of the different boards and do drive BMWs. So, do not ask if they know about this caravan.


~Prep your cars the night before: check tire pressure, oil & coolant levels and get gas.
~If you have Walkie-Talkies, bring them. We will let you know what frequency we'll be using at the meet points.
~If you have radar detectors, bring them.
~This will a long drive for most of us, bring something to keep you awake and alert. (i.e.: soda, water, snacks, significant other, whatever!)
~Bring, at least, $10 for entrance fee into the fairgrounds.
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