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Originally Posted by c1apton
Sure you can drill CF, there's a few extra steps to it. First tape the area to be drilled top & bottom. Then start with a small drill bit slowly working your way up to your final size. The biggest "key" here is let the drill do the work, DON'T apply alot of pressure, let the drill do the work. If you apply pressure you risk damaging/weakening the area around your mark. A small block of wood on the bottom side will help support it while drilling.
You can do it that way, but it won't guarantee that the workpiece will crack or shatter around the hole. This is because you really need an aggressive tip angle; a 60 degree drill bit is what you want, also known as plastic or plexi bits. The standard 82 degree or 135 degree bits tend to bore through more parallel to the work surface. What you want is to bore through more perpendicular, so as not to snag the cutter head (tip) on the edge of the hole.

And yes, don't 'force feed' the bit, just apply light pressure to let it bore through on its own. Apply pressure to the workpiece against the wood block for proper support, don't just sit the piece on top of it. The idea behind that is to compress the work so the exit side doesn't 'break out'.
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