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I fially got to drive one on wed, it was due for its 1200 mile oil service. On all M5's theres already a recall out for the oil lines which lead to the vannos. They tend to blow appart spraying oil everywhere. But parts didnt have it so we didnt do it. But after we were done its a requirement to drive it, all I can say is that you get chills and feel oddly nervous after driving one. They are increadibly fast and the handeling is so unbelivable its almost near impossible to get DSC to come on. And they sound so nice at 8grand, 2nd gear pulls so hard your amazed that the tires hold. You can only floor it upto 3rd gear because by then your already doing 90+mph. Im not sure if anyone one is aware of this option yet but the seats, like the heated seats it has 3 stages, the side bolsters are controled by a motor, so when you turn left the right side bolster huggs you so you dont move as much. Its the same for the passanger seat as well.
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