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sounds like you have some serious plans for your 02. Luckily for me, mine is in excellent running condition. However, I still plan on modding when I get more income. I like all of your ideas. Nothing too crazy, but still some upgrades for improved performance. I suggest doing some mods to the suspension as well. I have front and rear sways and they make a tremendous difference in body roll and turning response. Also some lowering springs always make the stance a little more arrgressive.

If you are serious about running dual 40's, then you will probably want to look into a new cam. A more aggressive cam will allow the engine to maximize all the extra airflow from the carbs. Without touching the cam, the dual sides will just cause you to bog down and will probably hurt your performance more than help it.

Keep us updated on how everything is going. And don't let her sit for so long between drives. The 02 really loves to be opened up at least once a week. Thats what keeps mine running so strong.

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