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I've only driven my baby twice since my last post. Shame on me. The first was during the rain, moving the car across town to my new (temporary) home. Took forever to get her started, and she sounded really bad, like one cylinder wasn't firing or something. A fuse was blown so the windshield wipers didn't work (that was interesting). And the second was yesterday, that turned out much better, sort of, being planned and more prepared. Man, those Good N Plenty fuses are getting hard to find. After finally checking the numbers, I am relived to know that the engine is original. Otherwise I would have jreplaced with a rebuilt. So, after maybe 25 minutes of warm up, replacing 5 fuses, draining the 2-/+ inches of rainwater from the floorboards, she still wouldn't hold an idle. I could barely get her above 45mph, lots of sputtering. No matter how my car deteriorates, I'm not giving up. I will dump at least 20 grand into it. For now, I can silicone up the windshield leaks, remove the chrome trim (so seaweed crap will stop growing out of it), replace trunk seal (I'll have some left over if anyone wants it) and sand/primer the rust spots (which are few, thankfully). The plans for end product is: fully rebuilt transmission (dunno if 4 or 5 spd), 3.64 or 3.36 LSD, engine with dual Webers (40/40s maybe) and around 140hp. Body off repair and paint (either Granada or Verona, I'll need to see a 2002 in each, in person first) Complete interior restoration to stock in white and green, only interior mod will be extra gauges, stereo. All work will be done by 2002AD, as I can afford it. And in case someone's still reading, I'm going to remove the running gear and take it to 2002AD via pickup or Subaru for rebuild, then drive Inga to my new home in Tucson, AZ.
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