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Australia has a Luxury car tax and quite strict importation laws, so BMW's cost alot over there. As my car was designed for the Australian market and imported here to NZ, I could send it back there and get another $10,000 for it.

The cost of hiring a container and shipping a car is not that great (a few thousand dollars). I have no idea about the import laws for you. We have absolutely no trouble getting you cars in here (or anyone elses), only the LHD causes us problems.

The reason I suggested the UK site was that they have a number of LHD cars. They are generally worth less in the UK than Europe (for obvious reasons). If a RHD car is what you are looking for, then you should import a BMW directly from Japan. Have a look at for an idea of our prices. You can get a standard 1993 540i for less than $15,000NZD here ($10,350USD).

Have fun.
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