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If you have an old Weber 32/36 it might not show imporvement from a rebuild kit. I rebuilt mine and it still sucked. So I upgraded to the 38/38. But if you do want to rebuild the carb do it yourself. It can be done in less than an hour.

I live real close to 2002AD and have been there numerous times. They do amazing work and are one of the best shops (if not the best) at working on 2002's. I have never asked them a question that they could not answer.

However, if you want a sporty upgraded engine you might want to check out Top End Performance. They specialize in building 2002's for the track and street.

2002AD will build you an amazing stock engine, but Top End Performance will build you an engine that will reallly get your 02 moving. I buy a lot of my performance parts from them. They are super knowledgable and have a much better selection of high performance parts than 2002AD does.

Either way, good luck with all of you shit that is going on. Keep you head up and I am sure everything will start to work out well for you.

I'm off to take my 02 for a drive through the canyons. She loves it when I open her up.


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