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Thanks Nick. I put a similar thread on Many times, people say they will participate and don't. I hate that. At least with CCA, they schedule an event and it happens. Reliability is an issue.

Glad to hear that you are participating. You will learn a ton.


Originally Posted by nick_318is
Paul Great Plug, Allow me to add for anyone in the detroit area to check out MotorCityBMWCCA .
I'm probably one of their youngest members at 21, I would like to become more active but since i'm in school its tough.

In Regards to the BMWCCA: The Roundel is definitly a great read and the Drivers Schools are awsome and have taught me so much about driving as well as providing a great atmosphere and a fun filled weekend (I think i'm addicted now and if it weren't for my lack of cash I would be doing lots of drivers schools, my goal is to instruct for them at a fairly young age). I suggest everyone look into joining.

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