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Originally Posted by Numark318i
you have never meet my mom. shes the raining jewish bitch from hell.
meaning she will own anyone who says no to her.

as for test drives aprently my dad has had some fun. he took out a c class back in the day and took it up to 120..the dealship guy was scared. he also test drove a misubishi 3000gt in SF and had the dealship guy tell my dad to pull over cause his driving was to crazy.
HAHAHAHA Thats awesome, i like ur dad.

Ive been fortunate to get kool dealers when ever i go out. When i took out a 04 325i (when i was 16) i got some really old big guy. He hoped in the drivers seat and said get in. So i did, and then he just gets onto a highway and goes rippin. He said "i wanna show you what this thing can do", and he goes ripping around corners at high speed. I was just like damm..... Then he lets me take it out and oh man was that fun, thing stoped really quickly, pretty neatr acceleration, and he didnt say anything about how fast i was going or what i was doing. Theres this kool off ramp i kno off that kinda snakes downhill, and i took that pushing 110kmh and he all he said was "feel how it grips the road" as were just zooming down this off ramp. It was awesome.


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