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Amazing Kill

Wow, this one is one for the records for me...

Was driving on the Hwy, on my way to work from school, doing my average 80-90, when I see this gorgeous bike coming fast from a ramp on my right, he was probably doing in the 100s...

I quickly made my way to him and past him, as I past him, he stepped on it too, keep in mind this was from a roll of about 85 or 90...

I was leading up until 130, but the bike was right on my ass, then once I was in the 130s the bike pulled up fast and he blew me in the wind, am sure he easily hit the 150s, I tried my best to keep up, but that stupid gorvernor we have kept me from getting anywhere close to him, I think it must have kicked in at about 138... .

I then was slowed down by traffic, so I lost track of the bike for a few exists, once my path cleaned up I tried to catch up to him and I envetually did, he noticed me coming from far so am guessing he slowed down, as I got next to him, he gave me a look and a thumbs up and we hit it again (from probably a roll of 100) this time he blew me off again, but I was right on his ass up until 120, and am sure even if I did go more than that he would have handed me my ass on a silver platter. But my exit was coming up, so I flashed my highs and slowed down...

This is a first for me to be beat this badly, but damn that bike was fast


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