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This is my first post on this forum, so I'll make it good. Stahvogel, you are a douchebag. Furthermore, your car sucks even worse so I guess its really doing what it was designed for. Now to make it official. Ive seen 2 Saab 93 go to hell, one of them I actually used my own knee to make a giant dent in (I actually regret that quite a bit, the owner really wasnt as bad of a guy as I thought) That Toyota pickup smashed all over the saab and you're simply pissed off because it would do the same to your car. Pretty much any car will take your car out in all factors, acceleration, handling, ect. Any car I have ever owned would do that quite well. Even my old 1996 hyundai accent(which I dont have anymore) with 90 horsepower could sufficiently do the job. If you dont believe any of my cars can do it, i suggest we have a run (if you're in nor cal). Hell the toyota can come along and pull your inflated head out of your ass sir. After you run that truck, you really arent going to want to have a run with my car, I'll simply destroy you. (lets put some money on it, Ill put 500 down on the truck) Your car was overpriced for how underpowerd it is, how bad it handles, and how unreliable (and expensive for repairs). Well Mr. Smartass, it seems like you have a bad investment.
Join the street racers in clearlake, team buttfuck is their name i believe, full of a bunch of shitty cars such as yours.
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