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Stahlvogel- i ran in to the young man with the saab it was a 9.3 and the driver was trying. It was about 2230 and about 65 degress out, it was at a two lane stop light outside a local town, after the light it starts to have an increased grade. there was not traffic.
so, the way it went down was i got a jump on the line when it change im just naturally quick, so i tore it up throuh first gear, then i shifted in second and tore that up, all the while the saab falling behind, when i reached 55mph (the roads speed limit) i stoped accelerating and looked back to see the saab 1 and 1/2 car lengths behind me.
so Stahlvogel you see the point of a forum is to post and have fun. unfortuantly you seem to like to pick people apart as it is aparent from your little tiff with xsperf. so how bout you have some fun and quit being an ass. join the fun with the rest of us. nobodys perfect and i didnt know i was expected to write a novel about a god damned perfect cliche you have worked out.
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