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Originally Posted by nick_318is
Having a sleeper has to be sweet too, no one will expect it to be able to compete and then you get the laugh when your kicking their ass.

No he knew what was in the car. I had told them 2 weeks ago I was buying this car which is around the same time he bought his. You gotta understand this office environment. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE drives a BMW and swears by then. The owner is a NUT (almost as much as me). So when he bought a Scubaru, everyone gave him mad shit (even though he'd probably spank everyone there with the exception of the S/C E46 M3). So I think he wanted to proove something to the rest of them which backfired. Oh well, I'm staying humble. One win against a stock STI isn't the greatest thing in the world. They're 300hp to the crank stock and probably making 260-270 AwdHP. So my maybe 300whp rwd got the better this time. With a few mods, this might be a different story.

If we did a flatout 4th gear run, I would have spanked him by bus lenghts though. Not a whole lot of time in 1-3 for boosting but plenty of in 4th and 5th haha. The ratio I'm running at right now is meant to get me into 4th quickly and it did.
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