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Originally Posted by Antiburn
We just got our 1st one in at out warehouse. SHould be at the dealer sometime this week maybe next. And you all know that nobody is gona be able to drive that, there gona have to get the owner to drive it like they did with the porche gt at princeton porche.
Hmmm, I have doubts about that, but you are right to some degree. We are going to call the doctor who's car it is. But how it normally the transport driver drives the new cars to our service drive. I check them in. Inspecting them all over for damage....and if everything is ok. Then I get the books/information out of them and then get an RO from the manager and then I move them to the "work line". From there, the techs drive the car inside the service shop...and finish the inspection. From there, it goes to sales...or wherever. So I don't see the point in letting the customer drive the car inside or wherever to be inspected.

oh well, I just want to see the new M5. If I get to drive it...that would just be a bonus.
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