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well no offense but i think my E36 would skool your E30. But i dont wanna wreck the BMW as well so ill be carefull.
i dont know. this would depend on driver skill and what not. bex handled himself pretty well a few times. finding good openings to get through traffic when i got stuck.

I think we gonna have a 3 series showdown
i think my 328 owns all 3's here. we never got a good chance to rip it hard so you guys couldnt see. i bet it would even give a 540 a run for its money on the highway. i have raced my bro in his 92 325 with dinan chip and m3 exhaust and seriously owned him very hard. through first and second it is even but once we were up to highway speeds it was game over. once i hit 3rd i pulled on him like he was standing still.

we really need to find some better roads next time. i really dont want to wreck my car. i know every thing was ok this time, but i know everybody was complaining how their tires were really bald, but their were a few times where it was iffy.

there are a bunch of other kids in my neighborhood with bimmers that i will see if i can get them to join up. get a few more local enthusiasts on the board.
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