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Originally Posted by xsperf
how do you get scratches in the clearcoat in the form of swirls? i mean, i have em too, but seriously how, especially when they are ALL OVER, is it those brushes in the carwash or what?
You get swirls from #1) waxing & cleaning in circular motions OR if using auto car washes the brushes or "wipe strips" have dirt inbedded in them from the MORONS before you. Try to avoid the public washes if possible - they recycle their water (to save money) & they RARELY clean or service their equipment regularily. The water recycling also applies to the "self serve" car washes and they can be a real nightmare! Especially the "open all nighters" - I've seen clowns changing their oil in those places and guess where the old oil goes? Yep into the recycled water and those filters, etc are not geared for oil filtration.

Wash it by hand at home (if possible) clay it to eliminate the swirls/scratches, go over with a quality glaze then a quality wax. NOTE: using clay, glaze & wax - go in STRAIGHT LINES! Painters don't paint in circular motion so why wax that way?
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