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what if we just did car of the month. I know we have the top 100 cars, but I mean, deloriants 328 has been #1 since like creation (which he deserves cause his car is amazing) but car of the month would always be different. and put a small pixel reward icon (star etc.) or something like this:

Rate My Car Rank: 3 out of 121

(yeah its a quicktime icon, whatever, you get the idea.)

and then in their garage also have a full size award icon and a compliment from the admin or admins that chose that car.

like this: before every comment on the car is a seperate but similar looking comment box layed out basically the same but with an award image (whatever it might be) and it's just a comment by komodo or whoever nominated that car for the award complimenting the car with an expanation of why they chose it.

obviously that award graphic isn't whatd be used but jsut so you get the idea. I'm only brainstorming here.

some of you people might remember werkz did something like this, they submitted every month a different car to the "car of the month" forum or something.
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