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Originally Posted by komodo
Hum, or a bit of a spin, an idea we joked around about a while ago, but would actually be pretty cool...

what about post of the month. Like at the bottom left of each person's post, where there's the Online/Offline bubble, and the Report Button, have another button for nominating that post for post of the month. At the end of the month, whichever post gets the most nominations should have that post showcased somewhere or something.

Or not. lol
I think thats the best idea of all of these. I'm not that crazy about the awards idea but I really like this qoute thing, you should be able to nominate and then they all go up as like a pole to choose from. I say you should not be able to nominate your own posts, and that you take the top5 nominations or something. But I dont really like the other ideas.
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