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mmmm brakes

All right, time for a braking system overhaul. I have a warped front left rotor, and my rear rotors are grooved and on their last legs. This is all compounded by the fact that the warped left rotor has all but obliterated the pad life on that caliper. Mushy pedal feel... Yah, It's time for some upgrades and that yearly thread on brakes.

The UUC slotted rotors are a full 200$ more than the cheapest mail order OEM's (front & back), so I'm not sure, but I probably will do that. If not, I'm going OEM all around with no changes to the rest of my plan.

I like UUC's braided lines better than TMS's, with a difference of 20$, big deal anyways. I'm definitely getting them.

I've been through 2 sets of OEM pads, and I'm almost done with a set of hawk HPS's. I really liked how the HPS's preformed, they dusted maybe 20% less than stock (not much, but better than OEM), squeaked like a bitch, and stopped REALLY well. I liked them.

Who has tried AXXIS Ultimate's? Better yet, who has tried both Hawk HPS and AXXIS Ultimates? What about EBC Green Stuff? Experiences? Comments?

If you have not tried a particular pad, please do not talk about it, or at least specifically state that you "heard they were X or Y."
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