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Originally Posted by shpuz
Member Of The Month - atleast 5 posts per day- friendly-promotes the site-helpful. ?
Mod Of The Month - what about mods, like new bumper, rims, whatever. who ever has teh best mod wins. lol
Car Of The Month- the #1 person in rate my car gets the car of the month. lol
New Member Of The Month - im not so sure about this one.....
Top Poster Of The Month - both.

umm I like it.. but a few things.

yes mod of the month... whatever we feel is the best of the month. could be as simple as a bumper if it makes the car greatly better, doesnt have to be a touch screen with biometrics (harry :lamo) or cost alot. whatever we think is good.

umm using rate-my-car is gonna be hard, the rankings dont change too much. maybe the person who moves up the most in the rankings? (harry is it possible to track this?) or maybe we pick out like 10 random cars and vote on the best one....

yea and new member.. maybe not.. just a thought

member of the month can have more criteria than just 5 post per day... could be all encompasing.. like recruited a person, made a DYI, and/or did something that made him/her stand out.

these are just my thoughts feel free to add/subtract from them
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