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Clay it first (Sonus), 3m Imperial Hand Glaze, (Zymol or P21s pre wax cleaner) & top it off with 1 Grand Blitz wax - after that all it needs is a rinse of H20 for months.

*Clay: go easy with clay! - not only using very light pressure but only use it when surface feels rough. Clay has been used for years by body shops for getting rid of overspray, it's like "micro sandpaper". Using it too often WILL go through paint. Use it once maybe twice a year.

Avoid using cheap waxes, "you buy cheap - you get cheap" & also German finnishes are different paints/components than the Jap/Amer cars. German clearcoat is also softer than J/A cars.

And a "biggy" to remember apply in STRAIGHT LINE not circular. Initially circular thought was -a) similar to buffer & b) better coverage (overlapping motion) But circular motion adds swirls & scratches. - and as any painter will tell you "have you ever seen a painter appling paint in circular motion?"

I won't waste anymore space here - feel free to blast me e/mail and I'll give you plenty of info. My Dad was a chemist & owned a chemical factory that made car wax, aircraft & battleship paints - so we have tons of data.

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