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Cool United Bimmer - Interesting Article Idea!

I just was taking a shower and had a badass idea (strange times when things come to you, huh?).

A lot of the lounge threads are cool/interesting/informative/etc, and occasionally some threads in other forums are as well... what do you think about this idea:
On the New Thread page, below in all the options, we could add another medium-sized textbox (maybe 3 lines high) and a checkbox for "Newsworthy Article". When you create a thread, you can type a sentence or two as a summery of it there and check the checkbox, and when it's created, it'll also show up on the homepage of the site. The articles will be much smaller on the homepage than they are now, maybe an inch tall per article max. Then below each article it'll have "Read 58 Comments on this article" linking to the thread, where 58 is the number of replies, and "Comment on this Article", where it'll take you to the New Reply page of that thread. This will connect the rest of UB to the forums a lot tighter, and also update the homepage constantly. For example, if NASA announces they're inventing a spacecar, someone can create that thread, and also choose to have a summery posted on the homepage (where the visitor can click on to read more about it). This will also bring more visitors into the forums, because if a single article catches their eye and they want to read more, voila, they're in the forums. Not just general interesting things, but also car related threads could be posted on the homepage, like BMW announcing to join forces with Kraft to create BMW shaped mac-and-cheese. The moderators would obviously have the ability to override and moderate what appears on the homepage.

I know this is a kind of jumbled idea, as I just kind of threw it out there, but it's kind of cool never-the-less. Maybe we could also have little icons like fark for what kind of article it is: Crazy (like the thread about the snake eating the live alligator), Business (like google recently teaming up with nasa), BMW (new article about the M6), United Bimmer (moved to new server or launched new feature), etc. This would also encourage members to scout out and post interesting threads, as they also get it to appear on the homepage.... thus furthering activity and member involvement in the community.

What do you guys think?

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