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Thats pretty stupid..

I got pulled over 2 days ago too.. i was in my dads wagon cause my car has its suspension all pulled apart, anyway i was racing back home at like 11:00 cause i had to finish a report and the my dads detector goes off.. i didnt even slow down tho cause it was such a weak signal and the thing always gets fooled by random shit..

So i just blow this cop at 15+ over (65-70) in a 50.. i was just like fuuckkkk (he obviously clocked me).. i pulled right over and before he had his lights/siren on i had stopped my car, i threw the detector on the passenger seat and put my sweatshirt over it, pulled the registration and my license and turned the cabin lights on before he was out of his car.. he comes over and just asks for the reg/lic, no unneeded gay cop talk at all, he takes em back to the cruiser then 3 mins later he comes back and just says (and i qoute) Slow it down down man.. he smiles and i was completely stunned.. i said thank you twice as it sunk in, then he just walked away.

It was seriously a gift from god.. he knew i was speeding, had me clocked, and could have fucked me anally if he wanted to. 20 bucks says had i been in my car i would have gotten a ticket though, the soccer mom wagon owns all.
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