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Thumbs down Got pulled over, AGAIN

ok, this time it was kind of my fault...

Was on my way home from work, get to a light, and I hear sirens and flashing red lights behind me, I was in the left lane and the ambulance was driving in emergency lane, so I got as close to the right lane as possible (there was a car in it) and figured ok, that's done with... light turns green, and after like 10 seconds of driving (was probably doing ~ 35 ish) I see a fire truck coming up fast with emergency lights on... so I floor it get to like 75 pass the traffic to my right and get in right lane and stopped.

The fire truck drove by and traffic went back to normal, I get to the next light and all a sudden I see a cop driving VERY fast and get's right behind me and turns his flashing lights on

I of course knew why... so I was like, F---k it, I stopped right there, at the red light and put my car in park... the cop is talking on his radio and then comes up to me...

"Do you know what the speed limit is in this area"
"Yes sir, it's 45"
"Ok, license and registration please"
Hand them to him
"Ok, now do you also know that I do not have to clock you to give you a speeding ticket?"
"Humm, actually, no, I did not know that"
"Ok, well, I was a few cars down when you decided to drive fast all a sudden, but I didn't clock you, however it was obvious you weren't doing 45mph"
"Oh, really?"
"Well, just don't do it again, have a nice day"
"Ok, thanks officer"

he basically just wasted my time... Even if he had given me a ticket, I mean, what a moron, I was just trying to get out of the Fire truck's way... But I didn't tell him that since I knew he didn't clock me, I didn't want to admit I was speeding



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