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how to buy a used bimmer

So this is just a teory. But the one thing Ive noticed about buying a second hand bimmer, is that you cant let your emotions take over your ability to make a rational decision. Just about every car that Ive looked at would look sweet in my driveway but they have all had something a little more than minor wrong with them. So the best decision I can make will be a good indication of how observant I am. I will be making a purchase today for sure, touch wood, so I will know in the next few days how observant I am. Now its just a matter of, do I want the headaches that come with a 5 series, or do I want to run the risk of out growing a 3 series. Both beutiful cars in their own ranks. But many differences. One guy told me that comparing a 5 series to a 3 series is like comparing apples and oranges. I disagree, its more like comparing macintosh apples to crab apples. Do I feel like a small sour apple that has a little bite, or a little larger apple that CAN have a little bite but is generally a sweeter, larger apple. We'll see in a few days.
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