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Originally Posted by Longhairedhippy
damn. I know how you feel, though. It sucks to be looked down upon by salespeople. While my mom was having her Volvo serviced, I walked next door to he Bentley dealer and started looking around. The whole time I was in the showroom, i could just feel everyone staring at me. Same thing when I go to the Ferrari dealer to look around. What's funny, though, is that the people that own these cars are rarely as uptight. one of my dad's clients owns an Enzo, and answered all my questions about it and even took me for a brief spin in it, despite the grubby firesuit I was wearing (we were at a race). Meanwhile, if I go to the local BMW dealer with my mom (she pays for the parts, thank god), they always address me when discussing the car and even answer my questions about the new models. I even had one person tell me to come back in a few months and they'd let me sit in the e60 M5 when it came in.

That's great. Well there's no Bentley or Ferrari dealer here.There's no market on such cars here.Only the Sultan owns them.The Ferrari reprsentive flies in here and go to the royal palace to inform the king about the new models.
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