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In Europe, USA or any developed nations, I have notice their government set a standard salary. The salary must be 1000 and above. Below than that, it violated the labour laws. Over here, there’s no such law as “standard salary 1000 and above”.
Many house maids from Philippines, labours from India. They’ve worked maybe night and day for 1 month. End of the month, they only get like BND$250.
That’s the main difference between here and there.

Next year (September 2006) I’ll be in the UK for two years. Maybe after the two years (Finish degree) and get a full job, I would like to visit some country like Germany, USA. Tickets will be costly from here to any far destination.
My aunt did visit the states in 2003, at the US immigration she was ask to take her shoe and headscarf off. She felt intermediated. No plans of visiting there again.
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