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The entire staff (except for the CEO) at the BMW dealer can’t afford a BMW since their salary is about $800- $1 200 / month. Just divide by 1.7 is US dollars. It is normal to get this type of treatment especially in the BMW, Rover, Audi, VW and Porsche showroom. Good thing we don’t have an Exotics car showroom. I bet the salesperson would be more arrogant.

Some showroom is different. Let’s take an e.g. If I were to go to an Audi showroom now and I use a normal Japanese, the sales person would not entertained you. If I use the BMW or the Mercedes, they straight away give you their business card or offer a test drive.

Lexus and Toyota showroom here has the best service here. They don’t care who you are or what car you’re using. They treat you like a king like first class service; they serve coffee when entering their showroom. That’s why Lexus are selling great here.

It’s different over here.
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