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Thumbs down I hate BMW sales person.

The other day, I sent my BMW for compressor change. Since it’s not an easy job to do, I have to wait 4 hours at QAF (BMW Dealer). It’s not practical for me to go home since I live 45 minutes away. While waiting, off course I’ll take the opportunity to see the new BMW models since I’m a BMW enthusiast. The mechanic guys are ok except for the salesgirls, I just sat in the showroom’s new BMW model, and they looked at me angrily like if that’s their car. Well at first I didn’t know but when I ask for the brochures, she just fiercely replied “FINISHED”. I said “OK”, in my mind “Bullshit”. When my BMW is ready, I asked the mechanic and they went in the office and just give it easily to me.
I don’t mind actually, but I just hate their arrogance when they only serve VIPs.

So I guess they are looking down on my 1997 BMW. *sigh* .When going out of QAF, I saw her getting in her Nissan Sunny, corolla whatever. I almost wind down my car window and shouted “HEY, YOU DRIVE A FUCKING NISSAN” but since I drive a BMW, I must show some class.

.BMW 328
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