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Originally Posted by gotKRAUT
that made no sense

so a rotor is at least 9" in diameter...not a pinky is about 1/2" in diameter...what you lost me at was the relevance of the pinky comment...
when i quoted your comment you told people to stop quoting you.. and it seems that you are doing the same to me and its pissing me off

if it made no senes to you than thats your problem, but i will explain it for the EXTREMELY slow minded where i dont see there is any complication in what i said

ok so you understood the rotor part, the pinky part is referring to the exhaust pipe(not the tip) meaning the pipe that comes from the cat to the muffler, may not be the downpipe, some cars dont have downpipes, but i was making a statement that the exhaust pipe itself is tiny and the muffler is huge(on the other end)

Originally Posted by c1apton
I keep forgetting that - I have a great memory but it doesn't last long

CRS disease = Can't Remeber Shit
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