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Originally Posted by spiff
I'm tired of Spiff bashing me and making everything I say, do, and post at UB look cheap and worthless. Also new UB members may see me playing around with people I've known for a long time like Xsperf and Torque...and then they start insulting me and act like I'm not suppose to retaliate, I've been quiet and supportive of UB all the whiles putting up "4banger jokes" and other nonsense.
I've known Spiff for too long and I've repected him in the past and for him to start entire threads disrepecting me and my completly uncalled for. I don't even understand his beef with me.
I wonder what is your future agenda with UB and would have love to stick around to see it but I've had enough here for now. So I'm taking a vacation. I've left some recent DIY pics in the E36 section. Enjoy!
Peace Out,

Pics of new mod:
gaaahahahaha you posted it
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