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1) that thread wasnt directed towards you
2) the only reason i got somewhat frustated at some of your posts, is cuz the relevantness to anything that anyone wants to talk about, was completely insignificant.

i thought what you were saying, and posting, was just taking up space, im sure you have lots of insight torwards thing, and are very knowledgable, but just like, i unno, some of the things you said..just boggled me as to why you would even bother, let alone end it with a bunch of !!!!!!, i mean, are you really exclaiming that? i dont think so...

but besides that, to sum it up, i wasnt angry or mad at you, nor could i ban you, but i was just frustrated at the random threads you made about thigns like a 300watt stereo..and just i unno, i cant judge you, im just saying some of what you said, bothered me, so i spoke my mind, i didnt use profanity towards you at all, i just used lots and lots of sarcasm.



also, i dont really recall anyone really 'bashing' you except for like 4 seconds last night, if even i think you thin kyour 'bashing' is just me talking about popping your tires with a laser and telling you to stop using "!'s"

i mean, is it really hard to use just one?

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