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The Delmarco bashing has Ended! PEACE OUT UB!

So after all I've contributed here, Herr Spiff is out to tar/feather & ban me...nice.
His recent thread was very insulting to me.
I'm out of here for good.
If anyone want's to get me....come to Werkz or email me

Final Delmarco Rant...

I don't apreciate a few things said by Spiff below that is directed to me and my threads that I post here. If Komodo has a problem with mehe usually PMs me and chat mano e mano. SPiff has been upset by everything I've said here at UB from day one. I don't understand his persistant hatred towards me and my car. I know I get the 4banger jokes alot. I also take shit from people all the time and being from NYC I have a tendency of NOT taking shit from's in my blood. So I tend to retaliate and someone tends to get hurt and someone tends to go PM or complain about me to the mods...
Anyway, I've been quiet lately and I've tried to contribute positive questions, insights (yes the ALPINA 318i was insight SPIFF diddy!) DIYs and pictures to UnitedBimmer E36 Forum. Yes, I do play around in the everyone else. But, Last weekend donald... attacked me with a smart ass comment whiles I was playing with Torque and Xsperf. When I retaliated fiercly he ran behind Torque and Harry to complain about me behind my back like the man he is. That was not cool. Now this week he has my name in his it's accomplishing anything positive.
Anyway, I agree with Spiff on one note; UB is getting full of negative energy...and after I 'm gone I'm sure It's not gonna go away with me...right Spiffy!?

What we need, a must read


Hey, so i thought, what we should do to improve this forum:

-We should make more threads about where we are going
-make more threads about shit we dont care about
-hi jack more threads and post things in a new post to correct a previous post without just editing our previous post, because you know, we need that extra post count
-use more !'s
-use more ?'s
-Make threads about what crabs look like on our face
-talk about our dates with girls that no one cares about
-make a thread about a trip in a fake alpina replica, where the only thing replicated is a sticker printed from microsoft word that says "BMW Alpina"
-Make more threads on stuff no one cares about
-Increase useage of threads about information no one cares about

Things to make the site worse:
-Post in non-lounge areas
-not recruit
-not hi jack threads
-not post more then 10 times a day
-give useful information
-we definitely SHOULD post something in a thread that doesnt answer the question of the topic let alone even have any relevance at all to the topic
-also, we should without a doubt...well, you guys finish the rest