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already sick of the "new" ub.c thread AKA im really pissed.

i try to post what i thought was cool. it didn’t come out right so i edited the post so i could work on it more. And every tom dick and douche bag acts all " holier than thou" pointing out the thread that i MUST have missed. Well guess what ass hats. I did read it. And probably before all of you. I just didn’t post in it saying such stupid things as “ agreed”, “Clearly i am right.” and “word.” Along side the ultimate in contributive comment “werd to the word”. Good job guys. Way to jump off to a good start. The only constructive comment was from our good friend storamin “maybe there should be an off topic forum?”. Thank you Storamin, your incite excludes you from the douche bag category, you may take a cookie and go on early recess while I yell at the rest of the class.. The administration would like to justify the new “crack down” as an attempt to get some post in the series forum. Well I simply don’t have the technical knowledge to be of any use in those forums. And the knowledge I do have is mainly of e28’s, and as far as I know there’s only a hand full of e28’s on the board, with me being one if not the only regular poster. Even when I do post a question the series forums, I don’t think iv ever gotten a response. Quick examples.

So im a lounge rat. I post things that I feel other people will enjoy. When some one asked for the GTR video I scrambled to find a place to host it. And the only stupid posts I made have been the “shave “thread (which mind you I honestly wanted your opinion) the hooker thread, 2 alcohol related threads and the goldfish thread. 5 “questionable” threads outta 65 I’ve started., 65 threads outta 600 posts. 600 post since 4-17 (that’s 3.84 post a day) compared to some numbers here… lets see 7.39, 6.04, 5.88 those are all non-mod regular posters. I’m hardly “post whoring”. I tried to breathe life into the werewolf game and then the game just ended. I tried to help the forum. I refer people to the forums.I post jokes and videos. I’ve given honest advice, I have gone outta my way to find answers for people, and bit my tongue at others stupidly, a major feat for me.

And I try to post something I thought was cool, and everyone jumps on me… im not even given chance to finish or even explain. What if it was the cure for cancer and I just forgot to spell check it? Or my idea for a genius invention to help fuel mileage, and I need to change the file extension... to steal a line from family guy… “The main thing to come away with”… is screw off.

I don’t know if im more mad about the retarded group mentality, or the fact I wasn’t even given a chance to finish my post.

Oh well. What does it matter? This will be deleted with in the hour anyway…

Oh ya. PS an off topic forum would be nice. Where post count doesn’t count. Or how about getting rid of post count all together.
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Well yeah, the BATFE is like the Anti Hoppy.
Well hey, hey Mr. Policeman
Bet I can drive faster than you can
Come on Hoss, let's have some fun
Go on shoot me with your radar gun
You look bored and I sure am
Catch me if you can.
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