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What should an 88 M5 Cost

Hey guys, so this weekend I was at this place where i store my boat and I noticed an 1988 e28 M5 (is that the right code, i refrenced the roundel to make sure i tried to get it right) in there for storage. The owner of the storage place said he though the guy would probably sell, it and It got me thinking. I am just wondering what something like this should cost, because if I could get a deal on it I might turn around and sell it and try to make some money. The body looked to be in good shape with a few chips. The interior the front seats looked a little abused but nothing to bad. I would say it has probably been sitting in storage for at least a year so I dont know if there would be any problems from it just sitting as well. What do you guys think and Should i get this guys contact info and see what he would want for the car, and what should I offer if its a good deal.
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