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Originally Posted by ///95M3
sorry to correct you but you forgot a 1. 11 more horsepower
Originally Posted by gotKRAUT
wow, no one caught it....the S4 is NOT a V8 its a TT V6 lmao, wtf i thought that was common knowledge...
well well well, loosen the pants now. S4's definitly have V8's, but this generation he's talking about(B5) does not.

Originally Posted by xsperf
one more horsepower than e46 m3(334 hp)

You forgot a 1. They have 11 more hp. 344. Had to correct you because we have one in the family, that I drive quite frequently. Wicked machine, can beat a perfectly driven E46 M3 all the way though 3rd if you can launch right. Audi's are nice and they handle well, but take an M3 and S4 to all weekend AutoX/drifting/boxing event which I have done several time's and you will have half as much fun or less in the S4
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