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Riced M3 Tried to stalk me

This one was fun. Saturday afternoon I left work heading home. after a while I noticed there was an alpine white E36 a few cars behind me. As that car got closer to me I noticed the M3 bumper and mirrors, and I jsut guessed it was an M3.

There was something odd about it... it had yellow/gold lower mesh grill and same color mesh kidneys and some yellowish rims Ugly as helll....

But once I had gotten a good look at it, I decided to loose it, zig-zaging my way past traffic. He kept up for a while, but then my exit came up and he either didn't see me taking it or went his way.

I just don't see why someone would turn such a beautiful car into a ugly rice cake

Unfortunatly this is the only "racing" action I have gotten recently.... dunno what has happend, no one seems to want to race anymore

Well, there was this one firebird friday, but wasn't much of a race


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