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so i was going about 45-50 in a 45 zone and this vw somethign was on my ass. There was an uphill section of road i jsut took off. The speedlimit was changing from 45-55. So i took it up to about 80..then i slowed down before the crest of the hill. I was going about 75..and this sherrif sees me. Im like FUCK. Of course he cuts off traffic and comes after me like i just killed Still no lights btw. So yea..i set cruise control at 55..and just go. All the way home..about 15 min he follows me. Im asuming he ran plates and found out(if he can) that i got no tickets, and my mom has no tickets on our reords(my dad..well one more ticket for him and he looses his license). But either ticket. oh so incredibly lucky. ..funny thing is..i know someone who got a ticket from a sherrif in teh area for going 62 in a 55. My dad got a ticket for 71 in a 55 also. so yea..luck..christ.
BTW i was in teh 330.
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